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Even though BGMC is the "children's" mission program, adults can and should be involved. Remember that the purpose of BGMC is to provide supplies for our missionaries. Adults can also be involved in that. It doesn't just have to be "money from kids." We'd encourage you to take up adult offerings, adult pledges, involve them in your fund-raising, or challenge your adults to match what the kids raise. Raising money for BGMC becomes a great "family" project that the whole family can do together. Moms and dads can do projects with their kids to help them earn money for missions. The more funds that come in, the more supplies our missionaries can receive, so they can reach more souls. That's what this is all about! (Look in the BGMC giving section of the missions manual for ideas on how to involve the adults.)

How Often Should BGMC Offerings Be Taken?

We suggest that you choose one Sunday or one Wednesday every month to be "Missions Day." If you can, have the entire class time or children's service centered around missions. Use the missions education curriculum that BGMC provides to help you put a missions service together. Show missions videos. Tell missionary stories. The kids can then turn in their offerings that they have been collecting all month on this day. You will also want to have special fund-raisers throughout the year, especially during mission conventions. We also strongly suggest that you send your offerings quarterly to the national BGMC office at 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. BGMC funds are distributed to the mission fields quarterly. As missionaries need supplies, they make requests for funds. If the funds are there, they can get their supplies. If not, they can't. Saving your offering until the end of the year can sometimes be a hardship for our missionaries.

Set a Goal for Your BGMC Giving

We would strongly encourage you to set a goal every year for BGMC. This gives you and the children something to strive for. Make the goal realistic, yet not too easy to achieve. The children will become excited as they see themselves getting closer and closer to the goal. It will encourage them to work harder and be more persistent in their giving. Without a goal, it's very easy to forget about missions and to forget about bringing your Buddy Barrel. There's just something rewarding about reaching your goal! Every year, raise your goal and challenge your kids to reach higher in their giving.

Faith Promises

Faith Promise Cardfaith promise is a goal or a pledge that they set between themselves and God. They then are to do their best to try to raise that amount in one year. Have them divide that amount by twelve months and find the amount of money each month that they are going to try to raise for BGMC. That amount becomes their pledge each month. Every month, encourage them to do their best to raise that amount of money for God by finding ways to earn money. Some months it will be easy, and other months it may be hard. Ask for monthly reports and testimonies from the children. These reports will produce excitement and will encourage the other children to raise money for their pledges. Once again, kids who make a pledge/goal have something to work for. It gives them an incentive to raise money for missions. Without a personal goal, they may just throw an occasional quarter in their barrel instead of working hard that month to meet their goal amount. Plus, every time they meet their goal, it's a real faith builder for them. They are experiencing God providing for them and helping them. We personally have seen tremendous spiritual growth in children who make faith promises and then trust God to help them and provide.

NOTE: BGMC has FREE faith promise cards for the kids in English and in Spanish. BGMC also has a Faith Promises flyer that you can give to the kids and adults that explains about Faith Promises that are in English and Spanish.

Can BGMC Offerings Be Designated?

No, except for the special targets that have been approved by the Assemblies of God World and U.S. Missions. BGMC was originally set up as an undesignated program—a "ready fund." This means that all offerings go into the BGMC fund. The fund is then divided between the Assemblies of God World Missions and U.S. Missions. When a missionary has a need (request), he/she then requests the amount of funds needed. This request is filled based on the need and the amount of funds available at the time. Because BGMC is set up this way, any missionary anywhere has the same access to the funds.

We have many missionaries working in sensitive countries, and they can't expose where they are or what they are doing. BGMC is a great help to these missionaries. These missionaries cannot go to churches to request funds, but they can request funds through BGMC.

Once money is designated to a certain project or cause, all of that money has to be used for that cause (according to government laws). Some missionaries have an easier time raising money for a cause while others do not—yet their needs are just as great. Sometimes more money comes in than needed; yet if it is designated, it has to be used for that cause. By BGMC being undesignated, all missionaries have the same access to funds, and only the amount of funds needed is used.

Where in the World

This booklet shows where the BGMC money was spent around the world and in America this past year. This is a great way to encourage your kids with all the things their money is doing to help our missionaries. Order one of these FREE booklets for your church.

Resource Catalog

For a complete listing of BGMC products and resources, order the free resource catalog (item number 715-076) by calling AG Resources at 1-800-641-4310.

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