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Annual Resources to Enhance Your Missions Education Program

BGMC Missions Manual on CD

Every year, BGMC produces missions education resources to help you teach kids about missions. You can order these resources online at or by calling GPH at 1-800-641-4310. Please note that every year, the volume number will change. There is a charge for the resources.

BGMC missions manual on CD is automatically mailed out November to every church that as given an offering to BGMC. There is a charge for additional CDs.

The CD contains 12 elementary missions lessons and 12 preschool lessons. Also included are puppet scripts, recipes, true missions stories, object lessons, maps, activity pages, a Scripture verse and activity, and more. Having the manual on CD allows for many features not available in a printed manual. You can print as many copies of the lessons at you need to hand out to workers. You can also email lesson pages to them as needed. Throughout the manual on CD you'll be able to click on links that will take you to thank you letters for that country, Web sites, and more. We've also created a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson. The PowerPoint includes full-color pictures of the country map, country flag, kids from that country, country facts, prayer requests, colorized true missions stories, and what BGMC has done, including full-color pictures of BGMC projects.

BGMC Missions Manual Printed

Churches that do not have access to a computer or are not comfortable working on a computer can request the printed version of the manual (free) by calling the BGMC office at 1-417-862-2781.

BGMC Missions Manual Video Clips on DVD

This DVD contains a short video clip to go along with each BGMC lesson. Most of the video clips are past GO 360 video clips. World Missions has given us permission to compile these into one DVD to coincide with our missions lessons. These video clips will show kids what life is like in each country. Some clips also show what BGMC is doing to reach people for Jesus.

Digital Verse Traxx on DVD

This DVD provides creative ways to teach the Bible verses from the BGMC missions manual. Each of the twelve verses is create with high-tech backgrounds and music. Also included are four high-tech BGMC advertisements/reminders for kids to bring their Buddy Barrels next Sunday and four high-tech BGMC countdowns to start your BGMC service with a bang!  You and your kids will love this DVD!

Winnie Skits Pre-recorded on CD

The Winnie the World skits from the BGMC missions manual have been pre-recorded. Each skit has background music for the country being studied. Use these skits for puppets, drama and more.

Speedy D. Light Skits Pre-recorded on CD

The Speedy D. Light skits from the BGMC missions manual have been pre-recorded. Each skit has background music and sound effects. Use these skits for puppets, drama, and more.

You can order these and many more resources online at or by calling GPH at 1-800-641-4310.

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