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BGMC Coordinator Responsibilities

Under the supervision of and responsible to the children's pastor and the senior pastor, the BGMC coordinator shall serve the church in preparing children for their fullest participation in world evangelization. Specific responsibilities of ministry are:

To grow personally by:

  • Maintaining a consistent spiritual life.
  • Attending regular church services.
  • Attending BGMC workshops which may be offered in the area.
  • Reading articles in the BGMC Newsletters and the Pentecostal Evangel that provide missions information and helps relevant to BGMC.

To establish an effective missions education program in the local assembly by:

  • Introducing children at the earliest possible age to God's love for the world and to Christ's Great Commission.
  • Educating children about the peoples of the world, their countries, their cultures, and their need for Christ.
  • Involving children in praying for lost family members and friends and for the evangelism efforts of missionaries.
  • Inviting children at least once a month to give of their treasures, time, and talents to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To become an effective BGMC coordinator by:

  • Working closely with the children's church leaders, Sunday School teachers, Royal Rangers commanders, or Girls Ministries sponsors. Note: Who you work with will be determined by when your program occurs.
  • Ordering and distributing children's missions education resources from BGMC. Supplies and resources are listed in the BGMC resource catalog. Check the resource catalog and newsletters for new items, and inventory your present supplies to see what needs replenishing.
  • Introducing children to visiting missionaries and conducting interviews and question/answer sessions with the missionary to give the children a better understanding of the work of a missionary.
  • Regularly check the BGMC Web site ( for news, updates, and ideas.
  • Sign up to receive news and updates by subscribing to BGMC E-News. You can do this on the BGMC Web site.

To facilitate the work of missions by:

  • Praying regularly for our missionaries and the effectiveness of BGMC in "Reaching the Children of the World," for new laborers in the harvest, and for the children in your church and your efforts in equipping them to know, care, pray, give, and reach the lost.
  • Planning for the annual observance of BGMC Day in the adult service. Special helps are printed in the BGMC Newsletter. A special BGMC Day offering should be taken by the children for resources for our missionaries.
  • Informing the children's parents/caregivers of the objectives of BGMC and participating with them in fostering missions awareness, missions concern, and missions stewardship in their children's lives.
  • Planning activities to involve the children in the annual church missions convention.
  • Maintaining, or delegating to a BGMC publicity chairperson, a missions bulletin board or newsletter to inform the church of the ministry of BGMC. You may include announcements, pictures of fund-raisers, clippings from Assemblies of God publications, missionaries' letters, annual BGMC giving awards, testimonies of what the kids are doing, and other items of interest.
  • Making announcements or sending reminders to the children to bring their barrels the week before Missions Sunday/Wednesday.
  • Using thank-you letters from missionaries, posters, maps, globes, artifacts, videos, books, and stories in your monthly missions education presentations to clearly communicate the vision and impact of BGMC.
  • Having Winnie the World's newsletter for kids from the annual manual duplicated and distributed to the children monthly.
  • Seeing that the children's offerings are recorded in their bankbooks and a record of each child's giving is kept.
  • Giving regular publicity in the church bulletin and other means of communication to the ways boys and girls are doing the Great Commission through BGMC.
  • Overseeing all activities of the local program and evaluating the effectiveness of missions education in the local church.
  • Supervising the presentation of BGMC awards.

To work with the national BGMC office by:

  • Seeing that BGMC offerings are properly designated and sent to the national office each month or quarter for distribution to U.S. and world missions.
  • Sending unique and effective ideas, news, and photographs to the national office so your successes can be shared with others. These items should be e-mailed to or sent to:

    1445 N. Boonville Ave.
    Springfield, Missouri 65802

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This information is available in the booklet How to Start BGMC