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BGMC Mission Statement

The national BGMC office of The General Council of the Assemblies of God in conjunction with district, sectional, and local children's ministries adopts the following mission statement, motto, vision slogan, definitions, and objectives.

BGMC has a two-fold purpose:

  1. To reach the children of the world.
  2. To create a heart of compassion in kids.

BGMC exists to serve the church in preparing kids for their fullest participation in world evangelization. As a children's missions education agency of the Assemblies of God, BGMC is committed to beginning the processes of missions awareness, missions concern, and missions stewardship in each young life and to introducing kids at the earliest possible age to Christ's Great Commission.

BGMC Motto

Challenging Kids to Reach the World

Equipping Kids to Know, Care, Pray, Give, and Reach the Lost.

BGMC Vision Slogan

Equipping kids to know, care, pray, give, and reach the lost.

BGMC's Definition of Children's Missions Education

Children's missions education engages:

  • the child's head with knowledge (missions awareness)
  • the child's heart with caring and compassion (missions concern)
  • the child's hands in responding to what he/she knows and feels (missions stewardship)

Missions Awareness includes multicultural education—introducing the child to a fascinating, culturally diverse world; to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and the way of life in another culture. This must culminate in a look at religious beliefs and in the child's awareness that many of the people are lost and do not have an adequate explanation of the gospel to enable them to make a decision to follow Christ.
Missions Concern involves theology—teaching the child who God is and the part that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit play in missions. It is this aspect of children's missions education that introduces the child to Christ's Great Commission.
Missions Stewardship involves life application response and commitment to the Great Commission-giving time, talents, and treasures to reach the lost. Within this objective is training in prayer and personal evangelism and in giving systematically, once a month, to reach the lost.

BGMC's Objectives:

  • To establish an effective children's missions education program through BGMC in every Assemblies of God church.
  • To train and equip BGMC coordinators for church, sectional, and district leadership.
  • To inform the children's parents/caregivers of the objectives of BGMC and participate with them in fostering missions awareness, missions concern, and missions stewardship in their children's lives.
  • To introduce children at the earliest possible age to God's love for the world and to Christ's Great Commission and effectively equip them to be His witnesses.
  • To educate children about the peoples of the world, their countries, their cultures, and their need for Christ.
  • To involve children in praying for lost family members and friends, and for the evangelism efforts of career missionaries.
  • To invite children at least once a month to give of their treasures, time, and talents to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To encourage children entering their teen years to commit to personal evangelism and missions involvement, and to assist their transition to participation in Speed-the-Light, Ambassadors in Missions, and home and foreign missions endeavors.

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