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How Did BGMC Start?

In October 1949, the BGMC program was launched because of a need—the need that missionaries all over the world had for literature which could be used for distribution, for translation work, and for study material. Another need was for the disposal of the backdated literature in the Gospel Publishing House. At the seventh National Sunday School Convention held in Springfield, Missouri, these two needs were brought together, and BGMC was formed as the agent. The specific purpose of BGMC was to raise money through Sunday School for the literature program. The first task undertaken by the new BGMC program was to raise funds for shipping these materials to the mission fields.

At that time, supplies were shipped to missionaries in barrels. It was determined that small wooden barrels would be given to all Sunday School children. The children were to take the barrels home and each day place a penny, nickel, dime, or more in it. Once a month on the designated Sunday, each child would return his or her barrel to Sunday School. As a result, Buddy Barrel became the mascot for BGMC.

The wooden barrels have evolved to much larger plastic yellow barrels. Kids are encouraged to do their best to fill their barrels every month for missions. We want kids to not just ask mom and dad for money, but also to earn money. Kids are also encouraged to make a monthly faith promise for BGMC.

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This information is available in the booklet How to Start BGMC