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What does BGMC do?

BGMC is the program that allows our missionaries to get the supplies that they need in order to spread the gospel and reach the world. BGMC is the only program that gives our missionaries the freedom to buy such things as puppets, clown outfits, costume animals, Bibles, tracts, Sunday School literature, computers, DVDs, CDs, training manuals, and lots more. The only restriction that BGMC places is that items must have to do with "evangelism" or "discipleship." BGMC is the program that provides whatever missionaries need — where they need it and when they need it. Many missionaries would be at a loss without BGMC. That's why our missionaries LOVE BGMC.

BGMC not only helps individual missionaries, but it also helps fund various missions organizations, such as International Media Ministries (IMM), Global University (formerly International Correspondence Institute), The Christian Training Network, Generation XXI, Resource and Development Ministries (RDM), Latin America Radio, Center for Muslim Ministries, Healthcare Ministries, Teen Challenge International, Life Publishers, Africa's Hope, Convoy of Hope, and all the compassion ministries of the Assemblies of God.

BGMC funds are used to supply Bible schools all over the world with equipment, library books, text books, and scholarships. BGMC is the major source of funds for these schools. The training of national pastors is so important to the perpetuating of the church in countries all over the world.

BGMC also provides supplies to our U.S. missionaries and missions organizations that we have here in America. BGMC helps Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Institutional/Occupational Chaplaincy, Intercultural Ministries, the Military Chaplaincy, Teen Challenge, and Church Planting. In fact, BGMC provides each new church plant with money to buy supplies they need to get started. Plus they are given money each quarter for the first year to purchase Sunday School materials. A percentage of BGMC funds are also given back to the districts to use for home missions projects in their own districts. As you can see, BGMC is greatly used and greatly needed by our missionaries.

BGMC Provides More than Supplies

BGMC especially tries to target the children of the world by providing for street kids, orphanages, feeding programs, school supplies, sending kids to camps, the making of children's TV programs and videos, and lots more!

BGMC also pays to have materials translated into different languages so people can read things in their own language. BGMC has had the JBQ program, Royal Rangers, Missionettes, children's church curriculum, and Sunday School lessons translated into many different languages around the world. As you can see, BGMC is a GREAT help to our missionaries around the world.

Kids Need BGMC

BGMC provides resources to help you teach kids about missions. Missions education will create an attitude of compassion for the lost in the hearts of the kids you teach.

As you expose kids to the Great Commission, they'll see the need to reach out to those around them and to the world with the gospel. They will learn to have a heart for witnessing and for sharing their faith. They'll understand that witnessing is something that God commands us to do.

As you expose kids to the needs of the world, you create a heart of compassion that wants to reach out and help those who are less fortunate. Kids can be selfish sometimes. Through BGMC, they will begin to realize how blessed they are, and they will want to share their blessings with others.

As you expose kids to missionaries, they'll learn about the call of God and about the miracles that are taking place all over the world. Kids often develop a burden for a particular area or group of people. As a result, they will pray for those missionaries, those countries, and the people. Kids will also learn to keep their hearts open to God and will be willing to accept His call for the work of full-time missions.

A survey done among our missionaries showed that a large number of them were first called to missions when they were a child. If we don't expose kids to missions, how can God call them?

BGMC is More than a "Giving" Program

BGMC is also a missions education program. As kids learn about the needs around the world, they will want to respond. Jesus commanded us to reach out to those less fortunate. Regular, systematic giving to missions creates a giving heart and spirit in kids. It helps kids to not be so "me-centered." Kids learn to help others through the blessings God has given them. Kids who learn to give to missions now, grow into adults who give to missions later.

BGMC provides materials for missions education for kids. We want the kids to learn about countries, people groups, and missionaries. We want kids to accept and love all people for who they are and realize that God loves all people. As kids learn about the need to reach the lost of the world, they will pray for these people, and they will keep their hearts open to the call of God to one day go and reach these people with the gospel. Kids are also taught how important it is to be a witness now.

BGMC produces an annual BGMC missions education curriculum manual on CD. It contains twelve missions lessons for elementary kids and twelve lessons for early childhood kids. Each manual highlights twelve countries or missions organizations. Each lesson contains facts about the country, puppet skits, object lessons, Scripture pictures, true missions stories, recipes, and more. A full-color slide presentation accompanies each lesson showing highlights of the lesson, pictures for the true missions story, and testimonies of what BGMC is doing in the country along with photos. Each lesson is set up so a complete kids missions service can be done. If you don't want to have a whole service or class time dedicated to a missions lesson, then just use portions of the lesson to teach the kids about missions.

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This information is available in the booklet How to Start BGMC