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Bible School in Tanzania Trains Pastors

We here at the national BGMC office cannot thank you and the kids enough for your faithfulness and sacrificial giving. Our missionaries continually express their gratitude for enabling them to do their ministry, and we often receive emergency requests from missionaries because of the overwhelming needs for evangelism, compassion outreach (such as food and clean water), and urgency ministry needs.

Dear Friends:

One of the powerful resources BGMC has been able to offer is pastoral training. Without trained pastors, thousands of kids in places such as Africa will never be evangelized and discipled. The Tanzanian Assemblies of God is endeavoring to evangelize 4 million children in the next 10 years, and BGMC is helping make that possible by providing classrooms to the Lake Victoria Bible College.

Read below how one pastor, the school principal in Tanzania, gives thanks to BGMC for helping:

"Because of your giving to BGMC, we were able to build classrooms at Lake Victoria Bible College in Tanzania. These classrooms will be specifically dedicated to teaching children’s ministry. The goal of Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) is to reach 4 million children in 10 years. We believe that in order to have a strong church—one that can destroy Satan’s kingdom—we must invest in children’s ministry.

"The population of our country comprises a large number of children. It’s easy to plant seeds in children’s hearts instead of waiting to invest in them when they become adults. In order to reach our goal, we need to train teachers to reach children. These trained teachers will then spread the knowledge of children’s ministry as they go back to their home churches.

"Also, in each college where these children’s ministry teachers are trained, we will have a nursery school for them to practice their new skills.
Here are some photos of the new children’s ministry classrooms. BGMC paid for most of the funding for this school. Thank you, and God bless you!"

—Rev. Douglas Mwosi, principal, Lake Victoria Bible College Mwanza, Tanzania

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