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A Church in Africa With Tin Roof Brings Dancing

Across Africa churches are being planted at an amazing rate. The country of Tanzania is no exception! People are so hungry for God that they are planting thousands of churches! It is quite normal for one pastor to plant and pastor 6 to 9 churches.  

Congregations are very poor, with each family earning an average wage of $1 a day. To save money, they build their churches by making their own mud bricks. But they are lacking in the funds to put tin roofs on them. A tin roof costs roughly $500.  It would take a congregation years to save up that money. Because of this, roofs are made out of tarps, straw, sticks, and tree limbs.
There is a saying across Africa that a building will not last unless it has a tin roof. This is due to the fact that buildings without proper roofs have eroded down to ruins. Tin lasts. If a church is here to stay, it needs a tin roof. The tin signifies to the community that the church is permanent. People realize that someone went to a lot of effort to give them a church with a tin roof.  A church with a tin roof is one you want to come and visit.  
BGMC has heard of these churches and has begun raising funds for these tin roofs. Praise God, money has been coming in! Our missionaries are putting roofs on churches all across Tanzania. The people of the Tanzania Assemblies of God (TAG) churches are so excited when they get a new roof that they dance and sing for hours!
Thanks for all you do to make these people dance.  Thanks for helping the gospel to spread!

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