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Well in Tanzania Promotes Church Growth

Missionaries Ron and Gloria Hanson, who work with the Africa Oasis Project (AOP), report that the AG church in Zuzu, Tanzania, where the well was placed, has since doubled in attendance. AOP works in conjunction with local Assembly of God churches and the national AG Fellowships to dig water wells. The strategy is that Africans will flock to the wells for clean, fresh water. This provides church members the opportunity to share their faith as people come to pump water.

The Hansons recently visited the well they helped place, and the pastor shared about the tremendous church growth that resulted. "Due to the growth, the church purchased new pews to double their seating capacity," says Ron Hanson. "In addition, the church planted a branch church."

"Each week, Pastor Cassian, one of our heroes in the faith, disciples 120 secondary school students, only two of whom have Bibles. It is amazing to hear him talk of the transformation as the Light of the world heals the darkness of their lives."

For the full report, open the download "Hanson Headlines."

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