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Children's Pastor Has Friendly Competition Against Youth Pastor

Keith Wilson, children's pastor of Harvest Fellowship in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was looking for some creative ways to raise money for BGMC. In doing so, the youth pastor decided to join in on a friendly competition to see who would jump in a pool in the middle of December. It's the "Freeze Out" duo.

Here's part one of the two-part fund-raiser duo. The first person to raise the most money by December 9 avoids the consequence: swimming in ice-cold water in a pool that will be set outside the church facilities on December 13.

Keith thought of a sure fix to win the competition. He got one of the members at Harvest Fellowship to hand-make a BGMC guitar and plans to auction it off on the church Web site. Here's what the guitar will look like: 

And part two of the duo? "For every $1,000 in combined giving to BGMC and Speed the Light, the youth pastor and I will both sleep one night on the roof of the church, starting December 20," says Keith. "This means that if enough funds are raised, we could be sleeping on the church roof on Christmas night! We will only be coming down for restroom breaks."

If you'd like to help Keith win the contest, go to the Harvest Fellowship Web site at

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