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BGMC Exceeds $6 Million in 2012


From the Desk of Mary Boyd, BGMC Coordinator





BGMC had its second highest year in its giving history! We also crossed the $6 million mark for the second time in the history of BGMC giving!

We are excited to report that $6,013,429.44 was given to BGMC during 2012!

Since 1949, $114,019,371.60 has now been given to missions through BGMC! THAT'S AMAZING IN TODAY'S ECONOMY!

Please remember that these are only preliminary reports because we are still getting adjustments every day, but we wanted to get these figures out so you and your churches can rejoice with us!

Thank you for all that you do to support missions, to teach your kids about missions, and to sacrifice for the cause of missions. Millions of lives have been touched and won to the Kingdom of God because of you, your church, and your kids! THANK YOU!

Highlights from 2012:

  1. The Peninsular Florida District was the top giving district in the nation. They gave $404,007.06 to BGMC.
  2. The top giving church in the nation was First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, FL. They gave $66,422.37 to BGMC.
  3. The National Girls Ministries, Coins For Kids, had a record breaking year giving the largest offering ever. The girls gave to BGMC $215,276.34.
  4. The Royal Rangers Masters Toolbox figures are still being sorted so we cannot give those to you yet.
  5. The district with the highest percentage of churches giving to BGMC is the North Dakota District with 77.42% of their churches giving to BGMC.
  6. The district with the highest per capita giving is the North Dakota District at 16.27%

Attached are four reports showing the top 10 churches in the nation, the top 5 churches in each division, and two showing the districts rankings. Please remember that Division 6 is our language churches, and the language division has its own breakdown of divisions. When you look at the reports, you'll be amazed at the amount of money given by our smaller churches. So many people think that it's only the big churches that give to missions, but you'll notice that lots of small churches give huge amounts to BGMC. The size of the church doesn't matter. It's the size of your passion for missions and for creating that heart of compassion in the kids you minister to.

The top two churches in each division and the top 5 churches in the nation will be invited to be our special guests at the BGMC banquet being held in Springfield, Thursday, May 2nd. If you are one of these churches, start making your plans. We'll be contacting you.

All of the 2012 giving reports will not be posted on the BGMC website for a couple of weeks. Changes are still coming in, and we want to make sure we have most of the changes before we post all of the reports. One of the reports we are currently working on is the top 100 churches in each division. This is an amazing report to see what the different size churches have done for BGMC.

Once again, THANK YOU for all that you are doing to support our missionaries and missions organizations through BGMC!

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