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BGMC Helps Reach Kids in Serbia

By Missionary Karmi Buckley


At a church in northern Serbia, a pastor and his wife work hard to reach their community. Their town is mostly nonbelievers and Catholics. The pastor and his wife try to provide the children and youth of their community a safe place to play and hang out. They know that they if they can reach children, they can reach families.

In addition to their regular pastoral duties, they organize summer day camps, weekly club meetings for teenagers, and a monthly Kids' Day. Parents allow their kids to come; in fact the pastor and his wife regularly have parents come and tell them that they see the positive effects the clubs and Kids' Day have on their children.

These outreaches are usually held in the church sanctuary, but the pastor and his wife dreamed of having a place for the kids to play and move around. The pastor's wife explains, "Kids and teens need space. They need to move around in order to pay more attention later." 

They wanted to install a playground on their church property. The pastor's wife said, "We have been reaching out to the future generation for years. We are building bridges toward their parents as well. But in order to expand God's work and to make this outreach draw more kids, we need tools. We need a playground."

Through missionaries Joe and Alice Lear, the pastor made a request for funds to Europe's Children. Because of our donors and funds provided by BGMC, we were able to help meet this need. The pastor and the church family installed the playground equipment themselves to save money.

Here's a picture of what is available to these young people in Serbia because of your generosity.


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