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It Works!

Sammy Whaley, children's pastor, First Assembly of God in Ft. Myers, Florida

Many times when we think BGMC, we think about what it is doing around the world. Sometimes we need to look a little closer to home and see how powerful the challenge really is and who is accepting it.

Cheyenne is a first grader who accepted the Faith Promise Challenge to the tune of $50 a month-with the approval of her mom and dad. Cheyenne's first offering toward her Faith Promise was over $70, and she brought her offering to church in a little girl's beach bag. It was filled up with nothing but change. Some of it was sticky, but she had found and raised the money on her own.

Charlee Sue (pictured right), a fourth grader, wanted to raise BGMC money, so she joined her mom's yard sale by selling bracelets she had made. The sign on this picture of Charlee Sue says "Fundraising For BGMC"-and, of course, she has a Buddy Barrel on the table.

Elijah is a fourth grader who has taken the Great Commission seriously. He is bringing friends to Sunday School, Children's Church, and Pow Wows. He lead one of his friends to Christ a few weeks ago while sitting around a campfire-with no adults helping him out.

Chelsea, another fifth grader, discovered a new twist for raising BGMC funds: She gathered sea shells and wrote Bible verses on them and then sold them for BGMC.

BGMC works! It's working over there (around the world) and over here (in Fort Myers)!

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