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Marshall Bruner, compassion ministries coordinator/BGMC


Did you learn this song as a child in kids' church?

"If you're saved and you know it, say amen."



I am one of those fortunate to have been raised in church as a child and to have learned that song. But a vast number of children in this world have never even heard the name of Jesus.

Teaching kids a biblical worldview is a mandate from Jesus. (See Matthew 28:19,20; Mark 16:15,16.)

So the question is: What are we as children's leaders doing to teach kids a biblical worldview?


Read the report below released by The Barna Group.

From the perspective of BGMC, our answer to that question is: We are providing children's leaders the necessary tools to ...

Teach kids to KNOW by providing biblical worldview through our missions curriculum, which provides detailed monthly lessons.

Teach kids to CARE by responding with compassion to meet the spiritual and physical needs of children around the world.

Inspire kids to PRAY for our missionaries and Great Commission efforts worldwide.

Inspire kids to GIVE of themselves to serve the kingdom of God and to give of their offerings by taking on a yearly faith promise and then fulfilling that faith promise by doing chores, fund-raisers, and other means of gathering and giving offerings.

Inspire kids to GO and reach their world [where they live, through E-LIFE] and to reach the world by enabling missionaries to minister worldwide.

To that, let me add a big "AMEN!"


Barna Website Review

Barna Survey Examines Changes in Worldview Among Christians over the Past 13 Years, The Barna Group website:

"Defining Terms: For the purposes of the survey, a "biblical worldview" was defined as believing that absolute moral truth exists; the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches; Satan is considered to be a real being or force, not merely symbolic; a person cannot earn their way into Heaven by trying to be good or do good works; Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; and God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world who still rules the universe today. In the research, anyone who held all of those beliefs was said to have a biblical worldview."

"National Results: Overall, the current research revealed that only 9% of all American adults have a biblical worldview."

"The report continues by stating: "The firm's studies have also pointed out that a person's worldview is primarily shaped and is firmly in place by the time someone reaches the age of 13; it is refined through experience during the teen and early adult years; and then it is passed on to others during their adult life. Such studies underscore the necessity of parents and other influencers being intentional in how they help develop the worldview of children."


"Research Shows that Spiritual Maturity Process Should Start at Young Age," The Barna Group website:

  • "I have concluded that children are the single-most important population group for the Church to focus upon...."
  • "A person's moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age 9...."
  • "In essence, what you believe by the time you are 13 is what you will die believing...."

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