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$31 in 31 Days: Master's Toolbox Christmas Challenge

Here's a good idea! Royal Rangers across the nation are participating in the "$31 in 31 Days" Master's Toolbox Christmas Challenge. Our goal is to have 3,000 Rangers take up this challenge.

The concept is for every Royal Ranger in your church to raise $31 in 31 days. Rangers can do home chores, sell candy bars, ask relatives for $5 each-you name it! The Rangers leader can schedule the challenge for October or November and then send in their offerings in time for Christmas.

If just 10 Rangers in your church did the Challenge, that's $310. If five adults were to match those funds, that adds up to $1,550!

This Christmas, Rangers can make a global impact. The 2014 Master's Toolbox project is Sustain Hope. Click on the Sustain Hope icon below to download the Sustain Hope video. Click here the go to the Master's Toolbox page for the challenge promo flyer and Master's Toolbox target form-see downloads.

P.S. Following your Christmas challenge, please send your testimonies to!

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