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The Little Boy Everyone Said Couldn't Learn

Dear BGMC Leaders and Kids:

Thank you so much for all of the money you collect for BGMC!

I wanted to share with you one of the ways that money was recently used in the nation of Russia. Because you have been so generous, we were able to supply the "One Year for Jesus Missionary" teams with 100 Evangelism Cubes. Lubya from the team in the Perm Region shared the following story with us:

The team was in a small village, and they were using the evangelism cube to share the gospel with a group of children. There was a seven-year-old boy in the group with his mother. This little boy was known in the village for not being teachable. He was not allowed to go to school because it had been decided that he was not capable of learning.

On this day, he listened as Lubya used the cube to share the story of how Jesus loves us. Many of the children responded along with some of the adults there. After they were done, this little boy came to Lubya and asked if he could see the cube and hold it himself. She knelt down and handed him the cube. This little boy who everyone said couldn't learn went through the whole cube telling the story along with the verses Lubya had told. He knew every bit of it by heart.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Lubya hugged him and gave him the cube to keep. He was so excited he ran to the nearest person and started to share the message on the cube with them. Jesus touched the heart of this little boy and changed his life that day. He will no longer be remembered as the little boy who could not learn! Thank you for giving!

-Missionary Andrew Raatz

Above photo of Lubya teaching the new One-Year Missionaries how to use the Evangelism Cubes

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