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Safe Drinking Water, Thanks to BGMC

In addition to drilling wells, the Africa Oasis Project has been looking for a simple and dependable water filtration system for Africa. We wanted to find one that could filter water from contaminated rivers and swamps.

As we started this year of itineration in the USA, we ministered at the church in St. Helena, California, where we pastored 35 years ago. Justin Meyer, the current pastor, introduced us to the Sawyer Filters by saying, “You need to target communities that have quantities of water but lack quality, safe drinking water.” This excited us because these filters could be attached to the BGMC buckets we already hand out in villages.

The same week we were in St. Helena, we received an urgent request from missionary Bill Johnston in Malawi. Torrential rains were flooding villages, and water filters were greatly needed. With the filters given by the St. Helena church and funds from BGMC, AOP was able to quickly get 100 filters to Malawi.

Bill Johnston wrote us recently, saying, “We gave out the Sawyer Filters in many needy areas along the rivers where the government water treatment plants were destroyed by the floods. To God be the glory! They are working!

While still itinerating here in the USA, we wanted to see how these filters could work, so three of our seven grandkids volunteered to drink dirty water made clean by the filter. We are also showing churches we visit how the filters work.

A five-gallon bucket with a filter can be purchased in Africa for about $70 per household. With simple backwashing maintenance, a filter will last at least 10 years.

When our monthly budget has been raised, we will return to Africa to preach Jesus, the Living Water, as we return to drilling wells and help distribute water filters to needy villages.

—Steve & Glenda Evans
Missionaries to Africa & team leaders of the Africa Oasis Project

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