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Oral Learners Initiative: Two Chickens

From Mary Boyd/National BGMC Coordinator

As I was “filing away” letters of appreciation from missionaries for what BGMC has done to help them and bless their ministry, I came across this letter in particular that really touched my heart, and I wanted to share it with you. The testimony is provided as a download below.

We often forget or not even think about, what our missionaries do and what they go through to bring the gospel to people in the far reaches of the countries they are working in. This testimony takes place in Tanzania. BGMC has paid to help people learn God’s Word through pictures because they can’t read. BGMC has also paid for the Mega Voice units that have the full Bible in the language of the people.

Our missionaries sacrificed to be there. The people sacrificed to come and learn. And some of the people sacrificed their own “chickens” (which was probably several days’ worth of food) in order to say “thank you” to our missionaries.

Our missionaries in turn say THANK YOU for giving to BGMC! BGMC makes their ministries possible. BGMC makes presenting the gospel possible. Every gift you gift is doing AMAZING things around the world.

This Sunday, share this testimony (or parts of it) with your kids and with your adults. Let them know that the “sacrifices” they are making in order to raise money for BGMC is making a difference. Challenge them to do even more than what they have ever done so the gospel can go even further.

Our “Buddy’s Buddies” is a great way for kids and adults to fill those Buddy Boxes for BGMC. For more info on Buddy’s Buddies, CLICK HERE.

Now, GO Make a Difference!

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