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Vol. 18 Missions Manual Now Available

From Mary Boyd, National BGMC Coordinator



The annual BGMC missions manual is in the mail! It was mailed out bulk mail, so it may take one to three weeks before arrival.

Every year our team does its best to improve the manual and insert new features. If you haven’t used our curriculum for a while, I’d encourage you to give it a try and use it. It’s a GREAT tool for teaching your kids about missions.

AGAIN THIS YEAR: The manual has now been put on two data DVDs due to the amount of resources provided. These data DVDs are for computer use only, not for a DVD player.


Now you can present a full BGMC lesson straight from your computer with the 5-in-1 PowerPoint® feature! PowerPoints® come in PPTX format for MAC and PC. Also included is the PPT format for PowerPoint® 2003 (PC). This PPT version does not include videos or audio.

Embedded in each presentation are following five features:

  1. BGMC service countdown
  2. Video clip from that country
  3. Slides showing the daily life, interesting facts, and photos from that country plus photos of what BGMC has done in the country.
  4. True Missions Story with audio with automatic slide progression
  5. Scripture picture with the Digital Verse Traxx-with high-tech music and backgrounds. (Formerly, you had to purchase the video clips and Digital Verse Traxx on a separate DVD. These are now FREE and included with the lesson.)

The kids will LOVE learning about missions with these lessons.

The DVDs also contain LOTS of great extra resources, video clips, slide presentations, BGMC clipart, games, object lessons, skits, food games, food recipes, etc. Also included are the lessons and the True Missions Story in Spanish.

Lessons in this manual (in order):  Burkina Faso, Taiwan, Brazil, Africa’s Hope, Spain, China, Jordan, HealthCare Ministries, Kenya, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Mexico. Bonus Lesson: Native American Fellowship.

One manual on two data DVDs were sent FREE to every church who has given an offering to BGMC in the past year. If you have multi-church campuses, contact me at, and I’ll send you the needed DVDs for all of your church campuses. For those churches who have not given an offering to BGMC in the past year, you have been mailed a letter with a postage paid postcard to fill out and return to us saying that you want the manual so you can teach your kids about missions. We will then send you the manual free.

If your church wants multiple copies of the data DVDs, additional copies can be purchased.

Item number:  715-490     Cost: $15.00

To order, call My Healthy Church at 1-855-642-2011 or CLICK HERE.

Thank you for teaching your kids about missions and BGMC!

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