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2015 Giving Report

Mary Boyd, national BGMC Coordinator

We have now assembled the giving reports for the 2015 BGMC giving. This way you’ll have these reports for your March Missions Madness challenges and for reporting on National BGMC Day. To view the reports, CLICK HERE.

I’m excited to report that the new total for 2015 BGMC is $7,011,912.35! This is an incredible amount for missions.

Since BGMC started in 1949, $133,572,678.67. has been given to missions!

There is one report in particular that we want you to take a good look at. That report is the top 100 churches in each division. Look to see where your church lands on this list compared to other churches your size around the nation! CLICK HERE to view that report.

Thank you for all that you do to support missions, to teach your kids about missions, and to sacrifice for the cause of missions. Millions of lives have been touched and won to the Kingdom of God because of you, your church, and your kids! THANK YOU! TELL YOUR KIDS WE ARE SO PROUD OF THEM!


  1. This is the highest giving year in the history of BGMC.
  2. This is the first time to go over seven million dollars.
  3. Giving was up 10 percent over giving from 2014. Giving was up over $600,000 more than in 2014!
  4. The Peninsular Florida district has been the number one, top giving district for the last 10 years, including 2015! In 2015, they gave $870,126.73! This is the first time in the history of BGMC that a district has given over $800,000.00!
  5. The Peninsular Florida district had six of the top ten giving churches in the nation from their district.
  6. First Assembly of God in Fort Myers, FL was the top giving church in the nation giving $121,844.22
  7. The District with the highest per capita giving is the West Florida District with $12.24.
  8. Twenty-one districts had a record giving year in 2015.
  9. Forty-one districts are showing long-term BGMC growth. Only 5 districts are showing long-term decline.
  10. Top giving district for Coins For Kids for Girls Ministries was the Peninsular Florida District.
  11. Top giving district for Master’s Toolbox for Royal Rangers was the Peninsular Florida District.


  1. $121,844.22—First Assembly of God, Fort Myers, Florida
  2. $62,881.60—Victory Church, Lakeland, Florida
  3. $60,790.20—Christian Life Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  4. $53,645.05—First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, Arkansas
  5. $52,688.44—Faith Assembly of God, Orlando, Florida
  6. $52,132.71—First Assembly of God, Griffin, Georgia
  7. $50,947.63—Oxford Assembly of God, Oxford, Florida
  8. $47,383.30—Christian Life Assembly, Camp Hill, PA
  9. $46,738.95—Harvest Assembly of God, Lakeland, Florida
  10. $42,436.62—The Bridge Assembly of God, Mustang, Oklahoma


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