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Am I Making a Difference? (Part 2)

By Sammy Whaley, children’s pastor, First Assembly of God, Fort Myers, Fla.


We recently set up a Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge table to help educate
adults and promote some of the projects that our elementary students were undertaking for missions. The results were overwhelming. After the morning services, in which our lead pastor made a presentation about BGMC, the adults were standing two and three deep at the table asking for Buddy Barrels, reaching across their neighbors’ shoulders to make sure they got at least one. Several wanted the BGMC Buckets to take to their workplaces.

Before our services were finished that Sunday, we had run out of barrels. The kids are not the only ones catching the missions vision. Since that Sunday, few services have gone by that I have not received a Buddy Barrel full of change from individuals who just want to be a part. Often our ushers will deliver bright, yellow barrels or bulging Buddy Boxes that people had dropped off at the Information Desk.

We are continually receiving Buddy Barrels or plastic bags full of offerings from adults, some whom we’ve never met, who had heard about a BGMC project we were doing. They just want to help.

This missions vision our kids and adults are catching keeps happening over and over.

  • Ten-year-old Jaharius asked his mom if he could ask his friends and family to give money instead of gifts for his birthday. He wanted tod give the birthday money to BGMC to help with a project in Spain.
  • Eight-year-old Austin was moving to another state, but he wanted to bring his missions offering into the office before he and his family left town.
  • I still recall the sound of 9-year-old Cheyanne running up to me with excitement and declaring very loudly, “This is girl money! The next words from her mouth came out much more softly and in a serious tone, “I’m gonna be a missionary.”

We used to sing of “The Macedonian Call” recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 16. Even though most of today’s children have not heard the song, I can’t help but believe that these students are hearing that same, clear voice the apostle Paul heard in Acts 16. Why? Because they are catching the missions vision and they are sending the Light.

Time and digital paper do not allow enough room to declare what I believe the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of our children. They are catching the mission vision.

The BGMC goal of challenging kids to “Pray, Give, and Go” is no longer just a phrase on a BGMC offering box. “Reach, Teach, and Send” are not just some words on the wall the kids see as they leave our church building. They are talking about church at school and at birthday parties. They are beginning to pray at the altar with the friends they had invited to church. They are lifting their hands, not just in asking for something, but in times of worship. They are coming to us making a declaration, “I am going to be a missionary.”

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