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BGMC Changes Name

When BGMC was created in 1949, it was given the name of “Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade.” At that time, kids were encouraged to be on “a crusade—a mission” to help our missionaries with the printed materials that they needed, such as Sunday School literature and Bibles.

Times have now changed. BGMC now provides missionaries with whatever they need to spread the gospel. It is not limited to literature. Also, the word crusade is hard for kids to understand. They don’t know what crusade means. We’ve also found that use of the word crusade has become offensive to some people. As a result, the decision was made to change the name of BGMC to “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge.” The name change was ratified at the 52nd General Council in Indianapolis, IN. Using the word challenge enables us to keep the “BGMC” acronym.

We felt that the word challenge is a better descriptive word for the BGMC missions program. Our desire is for kids to be:

  • challenged to help our missionaries,
  • challenged to sacrificially give to missions,
  • challenged to help the needy in the world,
  • challenged to pray for missionaries,
  • challenged to pray for various people groups,
  • challenged to love and accept people of all races,
  • challenged to reach the lost, and
  • challenged to keep their hearts open to the call of God for full-time missions work.

We also want churches to be:

  • challenged to teach their kids about missions,
  • challenged to give to BGMC,
  • challenged to do whatever it takes to supply our missionaries, and
  • challenged to meet the needs around the world.

The new motto for BGMC is “Challenging Kids to Reach the World.” The two-fold purpose of BGMC remains the same: (1) to create a heart of compassion in kids, and (2) to reach the children of the world. The name change takes effect immediately. As the name change is being phased in, the BGMC products, videos, etc., are being updated.

BGMC Undergoes More Changes

In 1999, the General Council of the Assemblies of God created the national Children’s Ministries Agency. At this time, BGMC became a part of the agency. BGMC was also recognized as the missions education program for all kids in the Assemblies of God. BGMC is to be to the kids what Speed the Light is to the youth.

At this past General Council, it was ratified that BGMC would become its own department under the Division of Church Ministries. David Boyd was named the new national BGMC director. Mary Boyd would remain the national BGMC coordinator. For the past eight and a half years, David led the national Children’s Ministries Agency. Under his leadership, BGMC has grown by 88 percent. David will now be able to concentrate all of his efforts on BGMC—teaching kids about missions and raising funds to supply missions efforts around the world.

Joining the BGMC team are Marshall Bruner as the BGMC Compassions Ministries Coordinator, and Lisa Lyons as the BGMC Publications Coordinator (as well as the office editor and the designer of the annual missions manual on CD). The main phone number into the BGMC office is 1-417-862-2781, ext. 4021. The BGMC email is If there is anything that our staff can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you with your missions needs.

The BGMC team is also available to speak in your church to do adult missions services, kids missions services, National BGMC Day services, missions conventions, BGMC missions banquets, faith promise services, regular children’s services, and children’s ministries training. Just call the office to see what dates are available.


In November 2007, Jason Noble was named the new national director of the Children’s Ministries Agency. The partnership between BGMC and the CMA will not change. BGMC is still the missions program for all kids in the Assemblies of God.

The best way to keep informed on what is happening with BGMC is to sign up for the BGMC E-News. See the sign-up section on the front page of this Web site.

In closing, we just want to say a BIG thank you to all of you children’s pastors, children’s leaders, BGMC coordinators, and district leaders for all that you do for BGMC. Thank you for having a passion for missions that is being passed on to the kids you minister to. Thank you for teaching your kids about missions and the call of God. And thank you for supplying our missionaries with funds so they can reach the world! If we all do our part, then the gospel will be spread to the ends of the earth!

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