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BGMC Partners with AOP to Dig Well in Togo

By Missionaries Mark and Vickie Alexander, Africa Oasis Project

We are Assemblies of God missionaries living in Lomé, Togo, and working with the Africa Oasis Project (AOP) throughout the countries of West and Central Africa. We're writing today to share about a new well made possible through church contributions to BGMC. This well met the great needs of the village people in Sieboudé, Togo. 

At the beginning, we experienced several delays due to breakdowns and unseasonably heavy rain.  However, on November 29, 2012, the drilling company hit water-an amazing, abundant supply! The cement work was then finished, the hand pump installed, and the well completed in December 2012. A plaque was placed at the well expressing appreciation to Ohio Valley Christian Center in Wheeling, West Virginia, for its contribution to BGMC- which made it possible for AOP to dig the well.

Before this well was dug, the women of this predominately Muslim area were walking about 3.5 miles to get water for their families, using pans and cans in which to carry the water. That water was contaminated with bacteria containing typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, etc.

Now this village has a new well, and about 800-1,000 people are using the well. Needless to say, this well is changing the lives of the people in the Séiboudé area as they now have access to clean, plentiful water!

We always work with the Assemblies of God church leadership in selecting the villages most needy of water. If possible, the well is placed near an AG church to evangelize people-to grow through new salvation experiences and subsequent discipleship as people come to the water.

A special thanks to BGMC and especially the Ohio Valley Christian Center for your generosity in giving and for all that you have done to share the love of Jesus in Séiboudé!

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