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A Testimony from Missionary Glenda Evans with Africa Oasis Project

Missionary Testimonies shared by Mary Boyd, national director for the national BGMC coordinator

Missionaries Glenda and Steve Evans are with the Africa Oasis Project. They work hard and diligently across the continent of Africa to place fresh-water wells deep into the African ground. Doing so provides the fresh water so many Africans never have. Most importantly, the water wells provide the local AG members the ability to witness to the villagers (offering the Living Water, Jesus Christ) who come to quench their thirst.

What do the women in Africa do when we, the Africa Oasis Project, are drilling in a village? They pray. (See left photo.) They dance when the drilling rig hits water. (See bottom left photo.) They witness to their neighbors who come to see the drilling event. And they even drink hot tea at the drilling site.
One woman touched my heart. Here is her story:

The people in Ledig Village, South Africa, call her "Gogo," which is "Grandma" in their language. I met Gogo recently as I walked the dusty streets in her village, seeing the need for water. Gogo is 102 years old. She lives in a tin shack that she personally keeps very clean, even sweeping the dirt outside her humble house.
All her life she has never had clean water close to her house for her family. She depends on family members and neighbors to walk miles to bring her water, as it is too heavy for her to carry. When we drilled in her village, she walked very early in the morning with her great-grandson to pray at the church (The Potter's House, IAG), where the drilling truck had arrived to drill for water. She didn't want to miss any part of the day, and she stayed until the end of the “Long African Day.”
I was praying with Gogo and the women when my husband, Steve, came into the tin church on the drilling site to announce, "We have found water!" The women began to rejoice, yodel, and dance with their other church members and with Pastor Shadrack Thothela. Tea was brought to Gogo as she sat and watched the drillers finish their job.
After 102 years, clean safe water has finally come to Gogo's village, and the well is at the church for everyone in the village to come and collect clean drinking water and also the Living Water of Jesus! Thank you to BGMC, for providing the funds for this well.

Above, right photo: Glenda Evans seated in a tin shack with Gogo (right)

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