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BGMC Helps Missionaries Ministering to Troubled Kids

Mary Boyd, BGMC Coordinator, national BGMC office

BGMC could not empower our missionaries to reach the children of the world without your giving! But thanks to your faithfulness, our missionaries are evangelizing the children all over the world with the gospel message about Jesus Christ.
Highlighted below is one of many examples from missionaries to Poland of how your BGMC dollars are being put to work.


Greetings from Szczecin, Poland!
We want to report that as a result of BGMC giving, we have finally been able to purchase some much-needed training equipment. Your BGMC dollars made it possible for us to buy a flat-screen TV and a DVD player. Primarily, we needed this AV equipment for our after-school ministry to children (who come from troubled homes with drugs, alcohol, and abuse). Now we can show Bible-based videos to them. Just about all of these kids suffer from some form of attention deficit disorder, and putting printed material in front of them just does not work.
But the age of technology is what they are used to, and this equipment works. We are able to get very good Bible stories and training materials in the Polish language, and thanks to BGMC we can get the message of Jesus into the hearts and minds of these children.
As well, the Sunday School ministry in our home church can utilize the equipment for their training programs, and a ministry to homeless/street people is able to show Christian-based material and teaching material during their mealtimes at the church.
This is a win-win situation as this not only meets the immediate need for Kidz Klub, but will over time reach hundreds and hundreds, even thousands, of people with the message of Christ over the life-span of the equipment.
Thank you so much, and please pray with us for the ongoing effectiveness of this great gift.
In Christ,
Dennis and Diane Holcomb, missionaries to Poland

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