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Baby David & BGMC

Pictured right is a very special baby at our orphanage here in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

We are very thankful for all the help BGMC has provided, which makes it possible to rescue another child, such as the one in this photo.

Here’s the story of this little guy and how far God’s love extends to His children in need: About two months ago, we received a phone call from the police, who had found this baby abandoned on the beach during the rainy season. The infant was close to death, but God had another plan for this little guy.

We said yes immediately, and believed by faith that God would provide the funds to cover his medical expenses and care. He was hospitalized for a few days, and then we took him into our home for a while to help nurse him back to health.

We loved on him and prayed over him for healing to his body and health to his emotions as an abused infant. Within a week we could see God’s hand at work in his life, and he began to get better.

Since he was abandoned and had no name, we had the honor of naming him. We felt led to name him David, for God has given him back his strength.

Thank you for standing with us and helping us through BGMC, which made it possible to rescue another child from a life-or-death situation. God is so good and faithful to provide when we take the steps of faith and steps of obedience. 

—Susan VanderMolen, missionary to Cambodia

Susan and her husband Bret serve as missionaries to Cambodia. They oversee the Sihanoukville Children’s Home in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

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