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BGMC Has Great New Buttons and Pins

Mary Boyd, BGMC coord., national BGMC office

We wanted to share with you a few new BGMC products. Our new BGMC buttons and pins are a great way to award kids and to use as incentives for giving. Kids will love the bright colors. Each button features Buddy Barrel with something that represents that country—mostly animals.

We have created three buttons that feature the BGMC logo, Buddy’s Face, and Buddy in a hot air balloon to represent the “Above & Beyond” theme. So far we have 14 countries done. Of these, six of the countries represent the lessons from the 2017-Volume 19 BGMC Missions Manual curriculum. During these lessons, you can do creative things to help the kids earn a button representing that country. The goal for the kids is to try to collect all the buttons. Here are the buttons we have completed to coordinate with the lessons:

Liberia—Lesson 3

Hong Kong—Lesson 6

Fiji—Lesson 8

Germany—Lesson 10

India—Lesson 11

Venezuela—Lesson 12

(We have also created: Kenya, Madagascar, Jordan, Thailand, China, Peru, USA, and Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is new and will not be available until the end of March.)

The buttons are sold in packages of 10. You need to order by number of packages and not number of buttons. One package of 10 costs $2.95. The more packages you buy, the cheaper the packages are.

To order the buttons, CLICK HERE.

Starting with the 2018-Volume 20 BGMC Missions Manual, we will be creating buttons to represent all the countries/ministries highlighted.

JBQ, National Girls Ministries, and Royal Rangers have also created buttons. The kids will love collecting them all.

You may want to give each kid the BGMC logo button or the Buddy Face button to get them started.

The best way for the kids to collect the buttons is to put them on the BGMC lanyards. CLICK HERE to order the lanyards. The kids can also collect them on a piece of felt or a ribbon.

We have also created pins with Buddy representing the various regions of the world (USA, Europe, Eurasia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Northern Asia, and Latin America). Each region has a famous landmark on the pin. To order the pins, CLICK HERE.

Ideas for how to use the buttons/pins:

  1. Give one for bringing a BGMC offering.
  2. Give one for being there on the day the BGMC lesson is taught.
  3. Give one for memorizing the Bible verse for that day.
  4. Give one for answering review questions.
  5. Give one to kids who commit to pray for a missionary and/or a country every day that week.
  6. Hide them around the room and tell the kids to find them.
  7. Before the kids come in, tape some under the chairs and then see who can find one.
  8. Give one for bringing a friend.
  9. Give one for bringing their Bible that day.
  10. Put the buttons in your “store” if you give out “Bible Bucks” or “Buddy Bucks.”
  11. If you are having a VBS, give out a different button every day as an incentive to come back in order to collect them all.
  12. At kids camp, give buttons to the winning teams for clean room, sports, points, etc.
  13. Give buttons out at your missions convention or missions banquet.
  14. Give one button each week during March Missions Madness for everyone who brings an offering that week.
  15. Give a button out on National BGMC Day, March 12.
  16. At kids camp, give out a different button each day.

Have fun thinking of creative ways to use the buttons and pins while creating a heart of compassion in the kids for the countries of the world!

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