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Let’s face it: Kids love to get wet. They can also get bored during the summer months if they have little to do. So ... use your imagination and fill your summer months by doing a “BGMC FUNd Blast.”

1. Put on your own splash harbor on the church grounds.

Slip-n-slide: A water hose funneling water onto a long strip of vinyl or plastic makes an inexpensive and fun slip-n-slide.

Water Balloon “Tag—You’re it:” If you get hit by a water balloon, you’re “it.”

Squirt Gun Target Practice: Gather lots of water guns and have a squirt gun station where you (the children’s pastor) are the target (eye protection is advised—smiles).

Dunk Tank: You may not have the funds to rent a dunk tank, but you can buy an inexpensive rubber swimming pool. Fill it with ice and water. Beside it place a target with a bull’s eye—the target made from plywood. Purchase several small rubber balls for the kids to toss at the target. Mark off various distances (based on age) between the bull’s eye, and have the kids try to hit the bull’s eye. If they do, then a volunteer must jump into the freezing water on a hot summer day.

Lap it Up: Kids do laps around the church parking lot on a bike, trike, or skateboard (anything on wheels) and get blasted with water (bucket toss or water hose) each time they go around. Ask the kids to get their moms, dads, relatives, and friends to pledge $1.00 or more for each lap.

2. Have the kids do their own home garage sales.

Challenge kids to clean out their parents’ storage, gather donated items from their neighbors, and put on a garage sale. The funds raised can go to BGMC. Some kids we know have raised over $1,000 by doing their own garage sale.

3. Set up a food stand outside the church building on Sunday morning.

Get parents to volunteer to bring a grill or two and grill hotdogs. Let the kids sell the hotdogs, bags of chips, and cold sodas at a food stand just after the Sunday morning service. Even if families are bound for a restaurant, who would refuse a hotdog covered with relish, mustard, and ketchup—especially if served by a child?

4. $60 in 60 Days

Encourage the kids to find out what chores the can do for their parents, grandparents, relatives, and other church members. Challenge them to each raise just $1 every day during the months of July and August. In doing so, each child can earn $60!

5. Reward Kids for Effort.

Help the kids feel special for their efforts during and after each BGMC FUNd Blast. BGMC has several outdoor-type of gifts that are inexpensive and fun for kids, which you can use to reward kids along the way. These items can be ordered through My Healthy Church online at or by calling toll free 1-855-642-2011.

  • Inflatable Globe: $2.00, item #715-089
  • BGMC Translucent Yellow Beach Ball: $1.99, Item #715-053
  • BGMC Mini Basketball: $2.50, item #715-292
  • BGMC Ring Flyer: $1.50, item #715-927
  • BGMC Mini Flying Disk: $0.69, item #715-068
  • BGMC Mini Football: $2.50, item #715-179
  • BGMC Mini Basketball: $2.50, item #715-292

What summer fun can you create for the kids that will be both enjoyable and rewarding?

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