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"Strong Enough to Last" by David Boyd (Part 2)

Strong Enough to Last

By David Boyd

Excerpt from Chapter 5, pp. 35, 36:

Many helpful resources teach church leaders and parents about age-appropriate types of learning that kids can and should receive. These books address “scopes and sequences” and systematic plans for teaching Christian principles in a step-by-step approach. Although there are many spiritual steps in a child’s spiritual development, this book concentrates on eight specific goals of spiritual development. Each of these goals serves as a building block for the spiritual foundation of kids.

Here are the eight goals:

  • Powerful in Prayer
  • Responsive in Worship
  • Biblically Fluent
  • Spirit Empowered
  • Actively Serving
  • Bold in Faith
  • Giving Selflessly
  • Living Like Christ

Each one entails a myriad of spiritual lessons that can build a core of inner strength, knowledge, and spiritual fortitude that will remain throughout their lives.

Another farmhand was given the same job—to plant a field of corn for the farmer. He did so carefully, knowing that although his primary job was to plant and nurture the young plants, he wouldn’t fully accomplish his job unless the plants continued to grow and thrive all the way through harvest.

First, he tilled the soil so the young roots would grow deep and strong. He fertilized so the crops would have all the nutrients for healthy growth. Then he added weed killer to guard against the weeds that he knew would eventually strive to come and choke the young plants. The farmer was pleased to see that as weeks passed the corn continued to thrive. The farmhand continued to care for the young crop and it flourished.


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