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Strong Enought to Last, Part 4

Strong Enough to Last, by David Boyd, national director, BGMC

Excerpt from Chapter 6, p. 39: “Powerful in Prayer”

Hundreds of books have been written about prayer. Prayer is multifaceted and powerful. Kids need to learn the many avenues of prayer, including prayer for help, strength, courage, wisdom, healing, comfort, salvation, direction, etc. When children pray, their prayers provide a glimpse of their spiritual depth. Their prayers reveal their relationship with God, their faith, their values, and their expectations. Whether kids pray before bed, at the altar, in church, or at home, their prayers clarify their understanding of God. This is especially true when their prayers are answered. As is true of every believer, kids learn the power of prayer when their prayers are answered. Kids can intercede powerfully for others.

There are several lessons kids learn when they pray and God miraculously answers. First, they learn that God hears them when they pray because He answered their prayer. Second, since He answered, they realize God is alive. They now know that God is real. Third, they understand that God cares about them because He was willing to answer their prayer. Finally, they realize that God is powerful because He was mighty enough to answer their prayer in a supernatural way. Prayer is a mighty avenue for kids to discover God, His love for them, and His greatness.

Not only do kids discover God through His answers to their prayers, they also experience Him through His presence when they pray. Through prayer, kids quickly ascertain the actual presence of God. They sense His presence, His closeness, and His being. In the midst of His closeness, they discover His voice. They respond when He whispers quietly into their hearts. These discoveries of God through prayer become the foundation of a lifelong relationship with God.

Though it takes a lifetime to learn about prayer, it is simple to teach children to pray and they seem to excel at praying right from the start.

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