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Strong Enought to Last, Part 5

Excerpt from Chapter 11, pp. 80, 81: “Actively Serving”

As the years of my life passed, I continued to ride the church bus, but now I was one of the teenage workers. Not impressed? I was. I remember the spiritual worth and pride I felt knowing that I was helping others. A group of us from the church went out on Saturdays to visit kids who had been missing from church services and to knock on doors and invite people to church. I remember knocking on one door and talking with a family who had a boy about my age. Soon he was riding the bus with me; eventually his entire whole family came to church and gave their lives to the Lord. I’ll never forget the joy I felt, knowing that God had used me to reach this family for Christ. I didn’t realize it at the time, but actively serving had become a cornerstone of my faith.

Each kid is searching for a place to belong, a place to discover their self-worth. Why not find it at church? Today thousands of young people flock to contests and events to put their talents to the test. Fortunately, churches seek to utilize these talents. Younger and younger teens are doing greater and greater feats of ministry by performing human videos, singing, playing instruments, giving sermons, and much more. These young people are using their talents in their churches. They are actively serving in ministry. This gives them a strong sense of self-worth and makes them feel valuable. It helps to cement their relationship with Christ through their daily activities.

As mentioned earlier Troy, Tonya, Trent, and Shane were part of a ministry team in our church so many years ago. At that time, I didn’t realize how being involved in ministry was building fortitude into their spiritual foundations. It was clear to me that kids who had learned to seek God, hear His voice, follow His Word, and be led by the Spirit needed a place to minister. Ministry gives us the opportunity to seek God, prepare our lives, and lead others to Christ. For this group of young people it was children’s ministry teams, doing ministry together to impact the lives of unsaved kids in our community. These four young people continued to live for God and to serve others their entire lives.

Earlier we quoted the four common factors mentioned by teens who had faithfully lived for God throughout their lives. Ministry was one of these key four elements. Teens who were involved in ministry said this gave them purpose as they continued to live for God.

Tips for Parents

Give your kids the opportunity to serve God in your community. Take them to an elderly person’s home and together rake leaves, mow the lawn, or clean the yard. Give them the opportunity to feel their life is blessing others.
Give your kids the opportunity to minister at church. When they are actively serving it affirms their value to God and others. Let them see you minister on a regular basis.

Tips for Kids Ministry Leaders

Create opportunities for your class to minister to others. Teach your kids the value of hard work on behalf of someone else. Not only will you be depositing value in the life of each child, you will be helping to begin a good work ethic, which seems to be sorely missing in many young people today. Use kids’ talents, interests, and skills. Use them as sound people, computer helpers, ushers, worship team leaders, and more. Look for ways to use them, and work with them to develop abilities to perform the tasks. You never know when God will speak to them about their future service to Him.

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