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BGMC PRESENTS: Buddy’s Barrels of Hope

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, BGMC is helping Assemblies of God missionaries who are doing their part to help end world hunger. Currently, Assemblies of God missionaries have programs to feed children all over the world, and Convoy of Hope is one of the primary supply chains for these nutritious meals.

  • Each day Convoy of Hope serves 160,000 children in 11 nations.
  • In Haiti alone, Convoy of Hope stocks a huge warehouse full of boxes and barrels of food to meet the need.

BGMC already provides much of that food. Yet there are missionaries who wonder if the food supply will run out, and we want to do more. There are approximately 170,000 children on waiting lists for this food. Imagine waiting... hoping... that your name would get to the top of the list just so you can be assured of one good meal a day.

It's our goal to provide at least 30 containers of food for our Assemblies of God missionaries this year and beyond. You have a chance to help simply by taking up a special BGMC offering for Buddy’s Barrels of Hope.



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“Our objective is to find churches and families who will help feed children for an entire year,” says David Boyd, national director of BGMC. “The objective is to raise money for 30-50 containers. In doing so, you and your church will receive BGMC giving credit.”

Each container costs $7,500 to fill with food and to ship to a country where we are already making an impact. It only takes 33 cents a day to feed 22,500 kids.

Each church that purchases two containers ($15,000) will have the opportunity to send its children’s pastor or BGMC coordinator on a Convoy of Hope sponsored missions trip. This team will see firsthand how the feeding programs work and also do ministry to children on an international level.

These trips are currently being planned for the fall of 2018—which provides time to raise funds and calendar planning. The current destinations are Haiti, El Salvador, or Nicaragua.


Each day millions of children suffer from hunger and malnutrition. These maladies delay their development, stunt their growth, make learning difficult, and can even cause death. We find that unacceptable.

Ending world hunger requires holistic solutions. These solutions start with a warm bowl of food. Food is the doorway to providing a child with an education, a healthier living environment, clean water, and an opportunity for a better life.

When Convoy of Hope provides our Assemblies of God missionaries with containers of food, it allows these children the opportunity to hear about the love of God in a way that they may have never heard it before. Our missionaries have a chance to demonstrate the love of God with a bowl of hot food.

We are so thankful for great ministry partners like Convoy of Hope. Currently, they feed children in Tanzania, South Africa, Philippines, Nicaragua, Honduras, Kenya, Haiti, Guatemala, Ethiopia, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic.

While more than 126,000 children in 11 countries are being fed and cared for in our programs, we have tens of thousands more children on the waiting list.



  • 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry across the developing world.
  • 870 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.

Help us help Convoy of Hope. Together we can send Buddy’s Barrels of Hope around the world!


Barrels of Hope: David Boyd with Kate

Barrels of Hope: David Boyd with Sheri

Barrels of Hope: David Boyd with Selenia

Convoy of Hope introduces Barrels of Hope