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Kids Can Make Faith Promises Too!

A faith promise is a goal or a pledge that is set between you and God concerning how much money you will give to BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge). This goal is set for one year. Once you have set a goal for the year, divide that total by twelve months so that you have a monthly goal to work for. It's easier this way. Now do your best to earn money in order to meet this goal each month. Some months may be easy and some months may be hard. Don't worry, just do your best. Pray and ask God to help you to meet this goal. Ask Him to give you ideas on how to earn the money for BGMC. It's exciting to see all the ways that God helps you throughout the year.

How do you decide what your Faith Promise pledge should be?

Pray and ask God what it is that He would like you to pledge for missions. Talk this amount over with your pastor or teacher and with your parents. They will also help you in making the decision. Ask God to confirm the amount with you. Remember, God will lead you and direct you. Most kids try to earn $5.00-$20.00 per month. Some kids earn less and some kids earn more. Some kids will give what their age is each month. For instance, if you are eight-years-old, you'd give $8 a month to BGMC. Keep track of your progress each month to see what a great job you are doing for missions. The important thing is to do your best to earn your pledge. If you don't, no one will be checking up on you or forcing you to meet your goal. This is just between you and God. Your pastor or teacher may ask you to turn in the amount that you have pledged just so they have an idea of what might come in for missions.

Why make a Faith Promise?

By making a Faith Promise, it gives you a goal to work towards. Without a goal, it's really easy to forget to give to BGMC or to not give at all. BGMC is so important because it supplies our missionaries with whatever supplies they need to spread the gospel. There are lots of people in the world who need to hear about Jesus. Let's do our part to help reach these people by giving to BGMC.