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Setting a Yearly Goal for BGMC

By Mary Boyd

The cause of missions is too important to leave to happenstance. People around the world need to hear the gospel message. Getting the message to the people takes money, and that’s where you come in! Your offerings to BGMC have sent the gospel message to the ends of the earth. Yet so much more needs to be done. That’s why it’s important for each church to set a yearly goal for BGMC.

Why Should I Set A Goal?

Setting a goal gives you a target to work for. It will inspire you and your church to do your best to reach that goal. Without a goal, there’s nothing to work for. Without a goal, its easy to forget about BGMC until half the year is gone. Setting a goal builds passion and excitement.

Every cent puts more money into missionary’s hands so they’ll have more supplies and tools to reach out to the lost. I’m amazed at the number of missionaries I talk to who are so grateful to BGMC and how BGMC has helped them. Many a missionary has told me they couldn’t have done their ministry without BGMC.

How Do I Determine What My Goal Should Be?

Choose a team of children’s workers and a couple of others, like a missions committee member, the senior pastor’s wife, or a board member to be on your team. Together your goal will be much more successfully chosen and reached. The team helps build a creative plan for reaching your goal. 

Be realistic. Look at what your BGMC giving was for the previous year and increase it. Try to determine what you think the kids and the adults can do to increase the giving from the previous year. To get a good idea about what type of goal to set, go to the BGMC Web site and look at the giving statistics. Look for the “top 100 by division” report. This shows you how much churches of your size give to missions each year. It is a real honor to be mentioned in this report.

Once you become one of the “top 100” churches, don’t stop there! Set a new goal to be in the top 50 or top 25 of churches of your size. Most importantly, pray and ask God to give you a figure to strive for. He’ll inspire you and lead you.

Don’t make your goal so high that you and your children become discouraged in trying to reach it. At the same time, don’t make your goal so low that you’ll be able to meet the goal with little or no effort.

Remember, more BGMC giving means more souls being reached for the kingdom.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Set A Goal?

Please turn in your BGMC goal to your District Christian Education Director or District Children’s Ministries Director. Just call your district office and give them the total. These directors will compile the list of goals and turn them in to the national office. That way we can get a clearer picture of just where BGMC giving could be for the year.

Please turn in your goal by National BGMC Day, which is the second Sunday in March.

How Do I Encourage My Kids To Set A Goal / Make A Faith Promise?

Not only should you make a goal for your church, you should also encourage the kids to make their own individual goals—a faith promise. By making their own goals, the kids have something to strive toward. A kid who doesn’t have a goal will just occasionally throw a coin in his/her Buddy Barrel and be satisfied. But a kid who makes a goal—a faith promise—will do his/her best to meet that goal by working to earn the money. The kids will also learn what it is to sacrifice a candy bar, a can of soda, etc., and give that money to BGMC so they can meet their goals.

A good motivation is to find children’s leaders who will match the faith promise of a child. If a child pledges $5 or $10 a month to BGMC, find a children’s leader who is willing to match that child’s amount. This can make a huge difference in your BGMC giving.

Ask the kids for monthly testimonies and reports on how they are doing in meeting their goals. These reports will produce excitement and will encourage the other kids to keep on working. It will also give other kids ideas on how they can earn money. Plus, every time a kid meets his/her goal, it becomes a real faith builder. Kids are experiencing God providing for them and helping them. We personally have seen tremendous spiritual growth in kids who make faith promises and then trust God to help them and provide.

Encourage the kids with their giving by rewarding them. You can give monthly, quarterly, or yearly rewards. BGMC has great items that you can use as rewards, such as ribbons, pins, medallions, certificates, T-shirts, flying discs, and more. Information on these items can be found in the BGMC resource catalog. (Item number 715-076. It’s free.)

Kids need to be taught to do their best to earn money for missions, and they need to be taught to make sacrifices for that money. If kids don’t learn that now, they won’t do it as adults. God asks all of us to do our best to help supply the needs of His kingdom.


Here are a few resources to help you and the kids in making your yearly goal/faith promise. These are also great resources to use for National BGMC Day:

Faith Promise Cards: This full-color card has a place for kids to record their monthly and yearly giving to BGMC. It also has a tear-away bookmark to remind kids of what they pledged. (715-009, cost is FREE.)

Faith Promise Flyer/ Bulletin Insert: This flyer clearly explains what a faith promise is, how to make a faith promise, and why it is important. It’s great to explain to the kids and adults just what a faith promise for missions is. (Item number 715-553, cost is FREE.)

BGMC Goal Poster: Each child may receive a free poster to hang in his/her room. As well, teachers can hang the poster in the classroom. Normal size posters are free. (715-599) There is a charge for giant classroom posters.  (715597).

Meeting Critical Needs Flyer/Bulletin Insert: This flyer/bulletin insert clearly explains what BGMC is, what BGMC does, and how BGMC is reaching the children of the world. (Item number 715-554, cost is FREE.)


You can order these items through My Healthy Church at 1-855-642-2011