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Four Years of Meeting Goals

Fossil Creek Community Church

Fort Worth, Texas

When I came here in 1997, our BGMC goal was set at $800. I came in June, and the Kid's church had only raised about $200. By the end of that year, we only raised $650.

In 1998, we set a goal of $800 again. This time we reached our goal, by $59. We raised $859 and some odd change.

In 1999, we set our goal for $1200. It was quite a big jump for us, but God helped, and with the pledges that kids made, and one fundraiser, we were about to raise $1500. Our only fundraiser was table entertainment for tips during our adult missions banquet. We raised $330 exactly that night. Children and parents gave the rest.

In 2000, we used the catch phrase, $2,000 in 2000. Once again we had kids make pledges, and we took a big jump from $1,200. But again God blessed and we barely reached our goal. But we did reach our goal!!! We have already had our goal setting banquet for 2001. This year we intend to raise $2,500.

By the way, we have a church of about 300. Only 50 of which are kids. Our adult missions is very important, so the only funds we get for BGMC is from the children themselves. (There are a couple of parents who pull their kids through by giving for them, but it only amounts to about $400 of the grand total.) Then we also have a couple of fundraisers. We also did a can drive and we raised $20 through that effort. Of course we still use the table entertainment (it usually raises around $300).

You can see where we have grown in our giving over the last 4 years.

Pastor Jeffrey Hunter
Children's Pastor

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