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BGMC Service "Pays Off" in Oregon

Brooks Assembly of God

Brooks, Oregon


One of the big pushes we are doing is BGMC. We (the children & I) had the evening service on January 28, and we did BGMC. The kids did a couple of skits, sang some songs with actions and we collected the 30 pieces of silver bags which we handed out the first Sunday in January to everybody in the congregation.

We brought in over $300.00 which is added to $54.00 to the 1st Sunday in January and the $40.00 this past Sunday which is almost $400.00. That probably is not a great number to anyone else but we only took in $772.00 for the whole year 2000. So we are already 1/2 of that figure in just 2 months. So as you can see the church is getting behind BGMC.

During that service on January 28th I shared the testimony of the girl being healed in Argentina that I received from you. Later in the year we are going to do the ugly tie collection that you suggested at the seminar and I am going to build a cross so people can put their 30 pieces of silver bags on Easter Sunday morning. Well I have said enough, but wanted to let you know how Brooks Assembly of God in Oregon has picked up the vision of BGMC. Thank You

Tim Saunders
Brooks Assembly of God
Brooks, OR

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