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  • Kids at PA Church Get Excited about Giving

    Grace AG kids in Spring City, PA, generate $1,620.53 for BGMC in one month!

  • Am I Making a Difference? (Part 1)

    How kids in Fort Myers, Florida, are catching a vision for missions.

  • A Beautiful Process

    The kids at Calvary Temple Assembly of God in Spearfish, SD caught the Faith Promise fever quickly.

  • Car-Port Preacher
    I just wanted to share a testimony of how God has helped us to exceed our pledge of $1,000.00.
  • Pies in the Face for BGMC
    I have started a fad at our church the past three months and the offerings in BGMC have gone from about 12 to 15 dollars a month, to 195 dollars last month and 103 dollars the month before.
  • Newsletter Makes A Difference
    This past month I took the opportunity to read from the BGMC Newsletter the letters written by the missionaries on how they used the BGMC offerings.
  • Stuffing a Bug for BGMC
    I recently bought a New VW Beetle. So we are going to break the world record of the most people in a VW Beetle.
  • Wheel of Blessing
    We have been using a "Wheel of Blessing" (Wheel of Fortune) in our Children's Church. Each child that brings in their barrel gets to spin the wheel.
  • BGMC Service "Pays Off" in Oregon
    One of the big pushes we are doing is BGMC. We (the children & I) had the evening service on January 28, and we did BGMC.
  • Rainbow Hair for BGMC
    In January, I challenged our kids to bring in $1000 in the year 2001 for BGMC.

Two Boys, A Garage Sale, and A Burden for Missions

"Mom, can we have a garage sale so we can earn more money for missions?" asked 10 year old Michael Teifel and 8 year old John Teifel. These two brothers from Oak Park Christian Center in Pleasant Hill, CA got the idea from the recent Northern California/Nevada district publication, 50 Ways to Fill a Barrel.

"They are always looking through the book to get ideas to raise money for BGMC" said their mother Joeleen Teifel. Though they live in an above average community, they have not lost touch with the needs of missionaries ministering to unsaved boys and girls.

"They each made $30 and gave half of it to BGMC. In addition to the garage sale they also set up a lemonade stand," said their Children's Pastor Carolyn Burkhalter.

"They give from their allowances, monies from birthdays, and extra jobs they ask to do around the house. They just want to help missionaries! I can thank Pastor Carolyn for that. She does a great job of teaching my children about missions every week!," said the boy's mother, Joellen Teifel.

Captain Commission recently visited their church to personally thank them for their commitment.

"The commitment these boys are displaying, proves kids are a MISSIONS FORCE", said George Negrete, NCN District BGMC Coordinator. We found out the boys have each earned at least $75 for BGMC this year.

"Michael and John have a real heart for missions. They are only 8 and 10 years old, but they set a great example to all the other kids on how to be a cheerful giver. Our church used a verse for a campaign we did for our new worship center. This verse has even touched the hearts of our kids, and you can see it in their offerings. (2 Samuel 24:24 'I will not give to God that which costs me nothing.')", said Pastor Burkhalter.

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