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BGMC Church Testimonies

Here are some great testimonies from churches about how they've raised money for BGMC.

If you have a testimony that you'd like to share, use the form at the bottom of the page and send it to us!

  • Kids at PA Church Get Excited about Giving

    Grace AG kids in Spring City, PA, generate $1,620.53 for BGMC in one month!

  • Am I Making a Difference? (Part 1)

    How kids in Fort Myers, Florida, are catching a vision for missions.

  • A Beautiful Process

    The kids at Calvary Temple Assembly of God in Spearfish, SD caught the Faith Promise fever quickly.

  • Car-Port Preacher
    I just wanted to share a testimony of how God has helped us to exceed our pledge of $1,000.00.
  • Pies in the Face for BGMC
    I have started a fad at our church the past three months and the offerings in BGMC have gone from about 12 to 15 dollars a month, to 195 dollars last month and 103 dollars the month before.
  • Newsletter Makes A Difference
    This past month I took the opportunity to read from the BGMC Newsletter the letters written by the missionaries on how they used the BGMC offerings.
  • Stuffing a Bug for BGMC
    I recently bought a New VW Beetle. So we are going to break the world record of the most people in a VW Beetle.
  • Wheel of Blessing
    We have been using a "Wheel of Blessing" (Wheel of Fortune) in our Children's Church. Each child that brings in their barrel gets to spin the wheel.
  • BGMC Service "Pays Off" in Oregon
    One of the big pushes we are doing is BGMC. We (the children & I) had the evening service on January 28, and we did BGMC.
  • Rainbow Hair for BGMC
    In January, I challenged our kids to bring in $1000 in the year 2001 for BGMC.
  • Rock-A-Thon for BGMC
    Our kids, ranging from ages 3-12 years old, rocked in rocking chairs for 12 hours to raise monies for their faith promises.
  • BGMC Rap
    A lively rap about BGMC you can perform for your kids and church.
  • Four Years of Meeting Goals
    I came in June, and the Kid's church had only raised about $200. By the end of that year, we only raised $650.
  • $2001 in 2001
    We had settled on $800 as a reasonable goal and went about praying that God would allow us to meet that goal.
  • Kids Mission Conviction
    Just thought you'd like to know we finished our Kids Missions Convention. We had over 200 children attend one night.
  • Lost Change for Lost Souls
    We launched the "Lost Change for Lost Souls" campaign during March, and our first gathering came to about $900 dollars.
  • Children's pastor raises over $160,000 for BGMC
    Perched on a 40-foot billboard, Pastor Jay Risner, children's pastor at James River Assembly in Ozark, MO, raised over $160,000 for BGMC in just 10 days.

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