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The Wise Man

A six-year-old Wise Man scanned the audience. Suddenly he saw what he was looking for, and he called from the stage of the Christmas play, "Hi, Daddy!"

Ginger, a children's leader spoke of seeing children playing during church hours across a field from their Bible college outstation church in Waxahachie, Texas. God urged her to invite them to Sunday School. The mother said she didn't have time to get them ready. Ginger's offer to come and get them ready each Sunday was accepted. Soon the children were getting themselves ready on Sundays. By Christmas their mother was attending with them, and during the Christmas program was the moment of the six-year-old Wise Man looking for daddy in church-and finding him.

That's what the mission of the church is. Whether it is around the world or in our own back yard, it is hearing God's voice. Putting action to the instruction. Being willing to be inconvenienced (getting someone else's kids ready on Sunday morning). And then seeing the result. It takes seeing as God sees.

In Luke 10 is the well-known story of the Good Samaritan. The problem with well-known stories is that we lose the depth of their meaning. Two other supposedly godly individuals saw the need, but neither was willing to share the time, the compassion, or the ministry to make a difference. The Samaritan did. He made a difference. And his story was retold by none other than Jesus. Jesus remembered what this man had done.

You see, Jesus does remember. He sees you and me, and He remembers when we allow God to direct our eyes and we act upon His leading-being sometimes inconvenienced, but making a difference for the kingdom of God. He remembers our prayers for the lost around the world.

Go out today and ask God: "Where can I make a difference for you? What can I do next? What can I do more?" Don't worry about His response. He is more than able to direct us to give of ourselves and then give back to us so that we have more than we ever had before.

-David Boyd, director, BGMC

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