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Little Things

Recently, while I was in Africa, the lights went out while we were eating dinner. I was shocked. It was black. It was quiet. All motors stopped, even those like the refrigerator motors or fan motors. It was so quiet, so black, it was freaky and a bit scary. But the missionaries didn't miss a beat. Candles were lit, and soon the lights went back on. What was only a brief interruption for me, I soon realized was a regular occurrence there in Africa. I have since found out that missionaries are often without electricity for days on end. When that happens, there isn't air-conditioning, there aren't fans, and it's often too dangerous to sleep with your windows open. Food in the refrigerator spoils, and cooking is difficult. Computers don't work, appliances don't work, most everything that we get used to in our lives doesn't work without electricity.

Many times we let too many little things upset us, and at the same time, we often take for granted the difficulties our missionaries face. It's easy for us to assume life isn't that bad for them, while we get frustrated because the microwave isn't working or one of the burners on our stove isn't working right. We are so fortunate to live in a place where we have so many luxuries. By the majority of the world's standards, 99 percent of us live in luxury. Shocked? Nearly every one of us has a bed to sleep in and shoes for our feet. Our kids have toys and there is something to eat in the refrigerator. The refrigerator does have electricity, and we sleep at night with some sort of fan or air-conditioning in the summer and some type of heat in the winter. By the world's standards these are luxuries. We should be more thankful.

We should also sacrifice to assist our missionaries. A simple generator purchased through BGMC funds would help our missionaries greatly. Yet a generator might be quite expensive where they live, especially since it would need to be powerful enough in order to supply power for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, etc. If a missionary works at a Bible college, often the generator needed costs thousands of dollars in order to supply power for the dorms, library, kitchen, lecture halls, etc. Recently at the BGMC office, we received pictures of African Bible college students attempting to study and read text books by candlelight. Across Africa, the electrical situation is getting worse instead of better. With the population expanding and the culture getting more modern, the need for electricity is expanding. However, often the electrical plants aren't designed to expand to the need. Thus, major power outages occur quite regularly.

Our missionaries sacrifice greatly to live in less-than-ideal conditions far away from home. They do this to reach those Christ sacrificed His life to save. It's vital that each of us and each of our kids do our part to serve our missionaries. Generators are just one of many things BGMC funds are currently being used for as we help our many missionaries and Bible colleges with the crisis of electricity.

Together we are changing the world!


-David Boyd, director, BGMC

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