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The Preacher


The preacher delivered a simple yet powerful message. He then asked the people to bow their heads and invited individuals to lift their hands if they wanted to accept Christ. Quite a few children and three or four adults lifted their hands. The preacher and several workers then led them in the sinners prayer and went to each individual who had accepted Christ and gave them individual instruction on their new decision.

What made this moment so special, despite the fact that about twenty children and adults had just accepted Christ? First, this took place in the country of El Salvador where I and about fifteen children's pastors gathered to minister. Second was age of the preacher. He was twelve. The altar workers were younger than that. By the age of twelve, this young boy was a seasoned preacher of the gospel. By age nine he had led many of his friends to Jesus. Unusual? No. This is the ministry of Kings Castle led by Don and Terri Triplett.

Children in the Kings Castle ministry are discipled by age seven or younger. Part of their discipleship training is the responsibility to win their friends and relatives to Jesus and take on the discipleship training of their young converts. By age nine kids graduate the first portion of the Kings Castle ministry, but only after they have reached and discipled their own flock of converts. After age nine, these discipled warriors begin to work the streets by performing, witnessing, acting, and preaching. The twelve-year-old we witnessed not only led children and adults to Jesus, but spent time counseling these individuals in their newfound faith. They also took the time to pray for the sick and pray for God's blessing upon these lives.

In El Salvador there aren't churches on every corner. In fact, churches are few and far between. Missionaries must take the gospel to the streets. They have found that the most open group of people are the children. They also found that the children--once reached--became willing evangelists who are reaching their nation for Christ. Over 150,000 Kings Castle kids, teenagers, and workers exist in over twenty countries across Latin America. All of you in our Assemblies of God churches are making a big difference in the lives of kids across these countries through BGMC.

Pray for the children of Latin America for their continued boldness. Ask God to use the children of America as well. Ask God to help you disciple your young Christians. Our children need to know that they too are part of the army of God. They can be used to pray, give, and go.

-David Boyd, director, BGMC




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