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More Bibles!

"More Bibles! More gospel tracts!" said missionary Jacob Boch. God had given Jacob special instructions. "Hit the streets!" God said. Jacob and his team have spent the last several years in downtown Madrid standing on a milk crate speaking to the many individuals who stop and pass by. Using mostly music and a creative object lesson-based sermonette, Jacob invites people who would like to know more about God to come and receive a gospel tract or Bible. Not only are thousands of people coming forward to ask for tracts and Bibles, hundreds are accepting Jesus!

This evangelistic team spends five days a week on location sharing the gospel. Over 250,000 tracts are given out each year. Recently, they finished up their supply of 50,000 Light for the Lost Bibles. "Help!" they said. Once again, BGMC funds given by the children of America are here to help.

God has given Jacob Boch specific instructions. Spanish believers join Jacob's lead and begin to minister to the people. Men in America giving to Light for the Lost and children in America giving to BGMC do their part. Together God is using people to reach the lost people in Spain for Jesus.

God will give you specific instructions as well. Often it starts with a spark in your spirit. Maybe it is a group of kids on a street corner on the other side of the "tracks." God says, "Who's reaching them?" It's His instruction to you. You ask, "But how Lord?" He hasn't told you yet. Will you pray and ask him for instructions? What He births He will bring to pass if we are faithful to do our part. Perhaps He plans on an empty building in that area of town becoming a children's center full of tutors, games, and fun. It may start with Him saying "Who's reaching them?" Followed by, "What about this spot?" Allow God to birth His vision in your hearts just as he did for Jacob Boch. A simple plan birthed by God can change multitudes!

Together let's continue doing our part to reach the world.

-David Boyd, director, BGMC

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