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A Heart of Compassion

"Pastor Sergie introduced Mike and Cindy to a woman in his church. He told them about an orphanage he had found where over 400 special-needs children were suffering and dying. Cindy went to the orphanage and found that it was no more than a garbage can where people threw away the special-needs children they did not want. The children lived and died on the same dirty floors where they went to the toilet. They did not get much food. Bedridden children laid on very dirty mattresses that had springs poking through."

This excerpt comes from the BGMC article "Love Like a Fountain."

What is mindboggling is the fact that children by the multiple thousands are being abused, disposed of, and used as work and sex slaves throughout the world. You may be surprised, but we in the United States are not exempt from this tragedy, though such horrific acts against children are not as readily visible. As heart-wrenching the thought is of even one child being harmed, mistreated, or neglected, how can our compassionate God bear seeing worldwide scenes of His little ones suffering?

The pain is real. Many of the world's children are suffering. Yet we in our comfort zones may casually read through a True Missions Story as was just described. The good news is that God is using missionaries and missions workers with hearts of compassion to reach out to the suffering little ones.

Cindy, the worker noted above, saw children in that orphanage die all the time until she cried out to God, "I can't do this anymore." She left the orphanage and said she would never go back. "After a month," the article describes, "God spoke to her. He said, ‘Cindy, if you go back, I will do a wonderful work there.'" And He did.

But what about you? How can you develop a heart of compassion that will not allow you to be a bystander? You may think the same thought the devil is trying to get everyone to question about themselves: I have no special abilities or training. What can I do to reach the needy and hurting children of the world?

The answer is no different than what we all are teaching the children in our churches about BGMC. We can make a difference in the lives of forsaken children as we "Pray, Give, and GO!"

Allow me to digress a moment to explain: Our office is working to develop a new Web site just for kids, which should go live this fall. The theme and teaching woven throughout this online site is "Pray, Give, and GO!" We're believing that even more children will begin reaching their world and the world for Christ.

If you have not been convinced of the fact that God can mightily use you, then let this be a lesson applied: that, first of all, you have the amazing ability to form children into what they will be the remainder of their lives-foremost being a powerhouse for God. Next, you must fully comprehend that the Lord will use a willing servant, such as yourself, to not only change a generation of kids in your church, but also that your efforts through BGMC can literally save the lives of children worldwide. How?

When you pray, in faith believing, for God to send workers to help the needy children, He will do it! When you and the children of your church give to BGMC, God will couple those funds with the servants He has placed and is placing worldwide to reach those children who are downtrodden. And when you become willing to go for God, He will use you to personally deliver His message of hope and to empower others through your efforts to go.

So how did the above story end? "Sergie remembers how he had prayed that God would work in his country. That was in the 1980s. The Holy Spirit began to work there like a fountain, in answer to his prayers. Many Muslims in that country have come to know Jesus, and these Christian workers know the fountain flowed to the orphanage and showed the children there what love is. God answers prayer."

If you doubt God's ability to mightily use you to reach the needy and unwanted children of the world for Him, then drop a knee right now and ask Him how. He's waiting for His people to respond. He wants to show you how. And God does answer prayer.

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