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David Boyd in Kenya, Africa (Part 3)

We took a day and flew from Nairobi, Kenya, to the town of Kisumu to see BGMC projects. We traveled down an endless dirt road filled with deep ruts and mud. Our van got stuck several times. No paved roads were in this area. Every shanty to our right and left was nothing more than a big box built out of mud, sticks, tin, branches, and cardboard.

As we turned the corner into a mud brick compound, 325 children waited for us with signs saying, "Thank you, BGMC." We all burst into tears. There, in the midst of this impoverished place, children were being clothed, fed, taught, and introduced to Jesus because of offerings given by you through BGMC. Our tears were tears of joy. Somehow we felt that in the midst of so much poverty, BGMC had been making a difference. It also made us feel that all of our efforts to promote and raise money for BGMC was worth it!

This place was an orphanage sponsored by a local Assemblies of God church. The kids come to the church during the day for schooling and then go to various homes at night to sleep. The church cares for them during the day, and families care for them at night.

As we got out of the van, the children laughed and clapped at the funny white people invading their space. We watched as their teachers taught them to read and write. Most of all, the children were taught to love Jesus. The kids were happy-even though the classrooms had dirt floors, no window panes, rustic desks and chairs, and broken chalk boards. They were glad that someone cared about them enough to give them an education and food to eat. We visited the kitchen, which wasn't more than one big pot where rice and porridge were being cooked over an open fire for the children. These children were being given life-giving food along with the "Bread of Life," thanks to BGMC!

The children squealed with delight as we passed around our stuffed Buddy. Everyone wanted to touch him and hold him. They had no idea who he was, but they knew he was a friend of these white people. Buddy's smiling face matched their smiling faces. That's the purpose of Buddy, to put smiles on the faces of kids all over the world.
It was such a joy to see that our BGMC offerings were indeed going to just the right places. Thanks for all that you do and all that you give. Every dollar given to BGMC is making a difference around the world. God bless!

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