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David Boyd in Madagascar (Part 1)

Imagine yourself on a large primitive island off the coast of Africa. It is the island of Madagascar. That's where I am tonight.

Today was quite a day. As we drove back into the interior, we passed village after village with no electricity and no running water. The people live off fruits, vegetables, the tiny fish they catch in the streams, and the occasional chicken or goat. Life is hard for these people. Work is backbreaking. The sun is hot. Water is scarce and food more so.
Yet when we stopped at a tiny village with a small outstation church run by a new Assemblies of God pastor, we were gladly invited into tiny bamboo shacks they called home. Here are people with absolutely nothing physically-perhaps one change of clothing. Not a toy in the entire village. But THEY HAD JESUS! It was thrilling to pray with them and hear their songs of joy.

The missionary said, "You have no idea what BGMC has done in Madagascar." Most of the biblical books written in their language happened because of BGMC. The pastors are being trained and sent out because of BGMC. Children's ministry across the nation has happened because of BGMC.
Today my heart was touched by people whose greatest possession is Jesus. I was touched as well knowing your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your children is reaping a harvest here in Madagascar.
You are in His service!
David Boyd, national director/BGMC


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