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The Harvest Field of Tanzania

Jammed in the makeshift classroom built for 15 were 45 Tanzanians with another 20 or so peeking in the windows. The classroom had walls but no roof, no door, no window panes, not even a cement floor. The hot Tanzania sun baked down on the class. Yet, hour by hour they attentively learned how to teach a child to pray-how to teach them to connect with their Heavenly Father and recognize His voice in return.

Deborah Chapin shared thoughts on how children discover God for real-how they learn to communicate with this invisible but ever-present God. Deborah was a part of the BGMC team that had come to Tanzania to help the children's missionaries and national leaders learn new methods for reaching the children of their nation.

The Tanzanian church leaders have a goal to reach 4 million children in the next 10 years. That's 400,000 a year. That's 33,000 a month or 7,500 a week. And they are doing it! These passionate individuals are criss-crossing Tanzania, recruiting and training leaders with the call to "Reach the Children"!

Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me." They are ready. They are open. They are ripe unto a harvest. Truly a harvest is sweeping across Tanzania. Accompanying Deborah were 12 more of us teachers and trainers from the U.S. Each sacrificed to come and teach. And you sacrificed giving to BGMC so that the conference could exist. Most of all, our missionaries Kari and Mike Ness and Melodie Joyce sacrificed their lives to permanently come to this land and reach the children!

A harvest is coming! A harvest of children.

-David Boyd, national director / BGMC


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