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Hope for the Nations

David Boyd serves as national director for BGMC

Matthew records the prophet Isaiah in Matt. 12:21, “In his name (Jesus) the nations will put their hope.”

It has been prophesied long before the birth of Jesus that the nations of the world would receive the good news of Jesus. Today that good news rests in our hands. This generation of lost people in the nations of the world depends upon our generation to make missions a priority in our lives. 

Through your efforts, you have the opportunity to mobilize an army of young people to hold the hands of our missionaries—helping them, supporting them, and praying for them. Through their efforts, with our support, the good news will indeed go to the nations of the world.

Your passion for missions will raise up a generation of passionate Christians. Many of these will become missionaries and will rely upon the rest for support and prayer. That’s how the great commission works.

Now go and make a difference.

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