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Connecting Kids with Missionaries in a New Way

By Melanie Koch, missions director for LakeCrest Assembly in Lake St. Louis, Missouri 

Rebecca (Becky) Eaker serves as the assistant MPact teacher for LakeCrest Assembly in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.

Recently, she asked me for info on the missionaries that our church supports (about 17) so she could put together a binder that would help the kids connect with the missionaries.

Becky likes to learn by association and thought it would be a good idea to show and tell the MPact kids about our missionaries. She asked me to collect info from the missionaries our church supports as well as to gather their prayer cards.

"I wanted the kids to have a personal connection with the missionaries they come in contact with," says Becky. So she created a large binder with a section for each missionary. She included in each section a picture of a world map, a copy of the map where the missionaries serve, a prayer card, and a missionary newsletter. On the outside of the spiral binding, Becky included a charm that represents the missionary or missionary couple.

Becky didn't stop there. She also created individual spiral notebooks for every kid. Each notebook contains information on missionaries and where they serve, along with their prayer cards. On the spiral notebook sections, Becky placed an emblem (charm) to represent the missionaries. Inside the individual notebooks, Becky and the children placed stickers to go with the emblems. The children are encouraged to look at the emblems and to pray for the missionaries represented by those emblems. 

Here are some examples: For AGUSM missionaries Mark and MaryAnn Rittermeyer, their emblem is a motorcycle. So Becky included a motorcycle charm hanging from the spiral notebook.  When the Rittermeyers visited our church, the kids took their notebooks to Mark and asked him to autograph the page that had his information on it. 

For AGWM missionaries Roberto and Carla Marroquin, Becky actually used sunglasses as an emblem for the cover because Carla is into fun glasses. Along with the sunglasses Becky included stickers of glasses on their prayer cards. When the Marroquins visited our church, they autographed the children's notebooks as well.

It's one thing-and a great thing-to pray for our missionaries. But when the kids can connect with the missionaries and become a part of their lives and a part of their "family," it's easier to pray for them. In addition, this connection has been a great blessing to the missionaries in knowing that the children are thinking about them on a regular basis.

[Download the PowerPoint presentation below to see all that Becky has done.]


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