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BGMC and AGUSM: The Partnership, The Nation

Zollie L. Smith, Jr., executive director, AGUSM


We face a great spiritual challenge in our country. People are dying without Christ, transitioning from this earth to an eternity in hell. As Christians, we have an obligation to do something to bring the lost into reconciliation with Christ and spare them from eternal torment in the Lake of Fire. It may seem impossible, but there is a way to bring our nation out of eternal crisis.

Statistics tell us that less than 2.5 percent of all Christians share their faith. Are we afraid of personal interaction, or are we no longer outward-focused and would rather employ distant, impersonal communication online?

The diverse landscape of our nation of nations makes our challenge to reach America with the gospel even greater. Many people groups from the far corners of the earth have come to America. Their cultural identity is intact and to reach them, we must present the gospel in the language of their culture so they can understand and receive God's gift of salvation. This is where our U.S. missionaries are so important in the evangelism process.

None of us can be all things to all people. There are 36 million foreign-born people now living in the United States, comprising over 10 percent of our total population. These culture groups contribute to the 600 different languages that are spoken in our country. To communicate effectively and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ within these culture groups, one must possess a thorough understanding of the language and culture.

Our U.S. missionaries have shared backgrounds with their respective target groups, familiarity with the culture and language, and possess years of experience, training, and relationship-building within these target groups. They understand the needs of these people and have the ability to present God's grace within the context of their culture. This is a tremendous ability God has given to these missionaries and demonstrates how He is always able to meet the need.

U.S. missionaries are given a budget to cover their expenses while they are ministering. Beyond their living expenses, though, they have a crucial need for ministry resources. Our team members in BGMC play an integral part in the ministries of U.S. Missions by providing these resources to our missionaries.

Church planters are given BGMC grants that they can apply to the purchase of doctrinally-sound Assemblies of God Sunday School materials, offering a solid foundation on which to disciple new adherents and equipping the congregation to go out and evangelize others.

Chi Alpha groups benefit from the print and electronic media they are able to develop for distribution courtesy of BGMC funds. These resources reach the millions of unsaved students who attend U.S. colleges and universities. The obedience of the giver to contribute to BGMC is directly traceable to soul-winning on our country's college campuses, which extends outward as the students return home-be it across town, across the country, or across the world.

Military chaplains also benefit greatly from the generosity of BGMC, providing further evidence of the commitment of BGMC to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people. I am particularly moved by the military testimonies, which bring to mind my tour of duty in the military, serving my country in Vietnam.

An army chaplain provided one such testimony. His battalion was primarily comprised of new soldiers, fresh from training, whose departure for Afghanistan was imminent. The chaplain had many resources at his disposal, which he used to reach out to the soldiers in his battalion and let them know that God is always in control. The resources were provided to him free of charge, courtesy of financial support from BGMC. This chaplain identified the motivating factor behind BGMC when he stated that the generosity that supplied these resources is a testament to the love the Church has for soldiers.

U.S. Missions is grateful for the overflowing love BGMC has shown U.S. missionaries for many decades through ministry funding. BGMC's commitment to support the laborers in the field who reach perishing souls in all corners of our nation will continue to be honored by God and blessed beyond measure to produce more fruit and help win more souls for the Kingdom.


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