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Dan Betzer Shares Lessons in Giving

Hello again, this is Dan Betzer.

I cannot tell you his name (for his safety's sake), nor can I tell you where he is going as a missionary for the same reason. His grandfather was martyred there years ago for preaching the gospel in this pagan land. But my young friend is going there determined and incredibly full of joy.

It's the mindset of a true missionary. How involved are you with missions? How involved is your church? You have four choices:

  1. You can do nothing for missions. That's your vote to close down the gospel outreach around the world. It is your voice saying to the millions who've never heard about Jesus, "Tough, pal-guess you should have been born in America." That is what you say when you give nothing.
  2. You can give less than last year. That's your vote to pull back, to do less than ever for global evangelization. To shut down some missions stations and recall some missionaries. To close down feeding stations.
  3. You can give what you gave last year. By that you are saying, "Let's just hold the fort. Status quo!" I always thought the old song "Hold The Fort" was a silly song. We ought to be singing "STORM The Fort." Take the offense! By doing just what you did last year, you're holding the fort. Nothing gained there.
  4. You can give MORE than you did last year and DO more than you did last year. By that, you're saying, "Let's be aggressive here! Let's really obey what God told us to do, and let's do it with all our hearts!"

My young missionary friend is going to put his very life on the line in a foreign country where preaching the gospel brings an automatic death sentence. Can you and I not at least give something to the cause of world outreach? That's a good question. Have you got a good answer?

Dan Betzer here, and that's BYLINE.

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